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We carry a wide selection of adult & kids laces. Our length of laces ranges between 12 inches all the way to 54 inches. Love of these shoelaces is what has brought us together. Have a great run in your new laces from Shoelace Place! Don’t trip when you break your shoelaces, at these prices you can always afford more.

Shoelace Place, Custom Shoelace Designs & Patterns

While shoelaces have been around since we were all born, seldom do we change those same shoelaces from the ones that came with the shoes we bought them on. Whether you want the most stylish lace designs that are trending or are just learning to tie your laces for the first time we’re here for you. Shoelace Place is always looking for new photos to put out there with your favorite designs, patterns and color combinations. Send us a photo and we will send you a coupon code for a free pair of laces in your choice of color. Send to email If there is anything you’d like to see us do on the site let us know. We hope you enjoy all the custom lace designs we’ve gathered here for you and yours!

Learning How To Tie Shoelaces

Learning how to tie your shoelaces for the first time is difficult. We have put together the best shoelace tying resources around. If you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to helping you tie your laces in style. Our goal this 2016 is to never tie our shoelaces the same way twice.

Stylish Lace Designs

We follow celebrities and fashionistas to keep you up to date on the latest trends in shoelace designs. We will be launching over 40 videos on shoelace designs and patterns this spring. With these exciting developments we hope you stay tuned. Some of the coolest lace designs are yet to come.

Large Selection Of Shoelaces

We carry a wide selection of U.S. made laces for you and your family. Shoelaces vary in size, style, color and length. Please let us know if there are shoelace styles you’d like to see we’re not carrying. Stay tuned for hot new promotions including coupons for free shoelaces.

24/7 Support

Wholesale shoelaces are available, just give us a call to go over pricing. We are readily available by phone or email at this time. Social media is monitored daily if you’d like to reach out to us on Facebook & Twitter as well.

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